go away

I feel like a really shitty person all the time now.

i’m going to be sick

i don’t know if that was a mistake

or what

i’ve had my asshole moment of the day

i’ve never been in a relationship

but i do know

you CAN date someone and have friends

you CAN make time for both of them

it’s just really frustrating

because she wasn’t like this towards me a few months ago

it’s pretty fucking annoying when your friends start dating someone

and they change and they aren’t the same person you became friends with

i haven’t been on tumblr for more than 10 minutes in since wednesday ha ha ha

It’s that time again when I make an angry post about the Big Time Rush tag

So, listen up.

Ke$ha bought the rights to use Blur’s Song 2 on one of her songs. Woo Hoo (her song) was leaked and she didn’t want to release it. So, she sold the rights to the song to Big Time Rush. Otherwise there is no fucking way they could use the song in anyway shape or form. Nickelodeon is not that fucking dumb.

Shut UP and stop tagging your rants because you crave attention.